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Margaret Griffith

I am writing you to let you know that Joan Boggs, of your staff, as gone above and beyond to help me with my recent order of Yusuf Islam’s merchandise. I placed my order, which was quite large, about November 24th or 25th – then lost the order number. The order itself was quite sizeable and was the centerpiece of our Christmas here this year. We I hadn’t received an e-mail confirmation – I e-mailed your customer service on December 9th and received an immediate response from Joan.

Your company was waiting for the final performance of Mr. Islam in order to receive what tour merchandise was left as part of my order was at RAH. When the merchandise came in – we had a problem with one shirt and sizes left. Ms. Boggs informed me of it – and made the corrections. Due to the nature of the merchandise being part of Christmas here, Ms. Boggs had the shipment done via courier. It was shipped from London on Wednesday, December 9th – and arrived here in STL, Mo – USA – on Friday, December 11th - at 10AM. I missed the first delivery – but the courier came back – he was in my neighborhood – and had the merchandise in my hands about 1PM. It is now out of the box – mint condition – laying on my table – and ready to load up for Christmas. I have never seen this happen before with anyone that I have purchased anything from in the past. This is a unique way of treating your customers and potential customers – your organization actually cares.

Ms. Boggs did everything possible to expedite – follow up – and also – get me a copy of the invoice here – which I could then check against the shipment.

Ms. Boggs should be commended for her customer service and professional treatment of customers as well as quick follow up to any problems. Without her help – our Christmas could have been a disaster.

Please see that she is commended for her actions. In the future – I will probably be buying more of Yusuf’s merchandise. I will also post up on his website – in order that he and the webmaster can see what a fine job your organization is doing.

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